Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I'm kinda really embarrassed to write this post.  :/  But I've put it off too long so here goes.  *deep breath*  A couple of days ago I posted about a giveaway I'm having.  (If you want to see the post you can go here.)  I was so excited!  Sad thing is, I only got one comment and I have two complete wall hanging kits to giveaway!  :(  I won't go into my thoughts of giving up quilting I've seen this type of giveaway on other blogs so I thought, "why not?" But I found out, this is not a good idea. :/   At least not for me.  I decided I made the giveaway too hard, too time consuming.  I guess I'm not only trying to learn how to make quilts, but I'm also learning what to do/not to do for giveaways, too.  So . . . to try to redeem myself I'm going to make this simple, with up to three chances to enter and win! 

I have TWO of these wall hangings to give away!  I'm working on mine now and I love it!  Here's how you can win one of them:

1st entry:  Become or be a follower!  Tell me in a comment that you are!
2nd entry:  What's your favorite item in the My Lazy Daisy Catalog?  Tell me in another comment!
3rd entry:  Write a post about this giveaway on your blog.  Tell me in another comment that you did!

There you go!  Three ways to put your name in the "hat" to win one of these wall hangings!

Good luck!  :o)

Now, I have two other things I haven't told you about but should have before now:

***  For the month of May the quilt "Candy Ribbon" is $25 off!  I'm getting mine in the Gracies Color Collection!  I can't wait!

***  From May 23-26, My Lazy Daisy is having an open house to show off their new show room and classrooms!  If you're in the St. George, Utah, area May 23,24 or 25, stop in and see me!  I'd love to meet you face-to-face!  :o)