Monday, August 13, 2012

Charlotte Fire Quilts Delivered

This weekend was so AWESOME!!! We donated some quilts for the Charlotte Fire victims on Friday in Pocatello, Idaho! There is a quilt store in Pocatello, Sages Creek Quilt Co., that has been collecting quilts for those who lost their home to the Charlotte wildfire.

When we drove up I thought it was going to be a tiny store. Boy was I wrong!!! :o)

This sign was on the door we went in. It's asking for 66 quilts for the fire victims! I was so glad I was there for just that reason! :o)

The store was amazing! So much fabric and so many beautiful quilts around the store! I LOVED IT!!! The people there were so friendly and extremely grateful for your donations! :o)

The local quilters in Pocatello have been so busy! They had already donated 46 quilts so all that was needed was 20 more from Phoenix Quilts! I was so happy to help them reach their goal of 66 quilts to help all of these families who have lost their homes! I'm so grateful to each one of you that have been so generous with your donations! This trip made me realize that I am just representing Phoenix Quilts, but you guys are Phoenix Quilts! THANK YOU!!! :o)


Kyle Received His Mission Call

Last night our son, Kyle, opened his mission call! He actually got the letter in the mail last Wednesday, but he wanted to wait to open it until our other son, Brian, was home from Ohio so he could be there for this exciting time! (They are the very BEST friends!!!) It about KILLED me waiting, but I thought it was cool that he wanted everyone with him for this big day! The only ones that weren't able to be home was our daughter, Jess and her family, so we called them and put them on the speaker phone so they could hear him as he read the letter out loud!

He will be serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Colombia, Cali Mission!  He leaves December 19, 2012, for two years!  We are soooooo excited and proud of him!!!

Now to get everything ready for him to go . . .