Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I'll Be Back . . .

Hey everyone!  I'll be out of town until the beginning of next week.  For some reason I can read my e-mails but I can't reply to them! Ugh!!!  So I'll have to reply to your blog comments or e-mails Monday-ish of next week!  Sorry!   :/   Please don't give up on me!!!

I can't wait to tell you what we're doing this weekend concerning the quilts, but I don't want to until I have some pictures to go along with the story!  =D  More changes are coming Monday-ish . . . so stay tuned!!!

By the way, I have received 70 quilts so far!!!  YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!  Now we only have about 700-800 to go (depending on how much worse this fire season gets)!  =D  Please keep spreading the word and sending in those quilts!  Thank you so much for all you're doing!!!