Sunday, February 12, 2012

Definition of "Stash"

OK.  I need your help.  I need you to tell me what YOUR definition of fabric "stash" is. 

This is what it means to me:  I buy fabric for a certain quilt that I have in mind.  So that fabric isn't in my "stash," it's just in limbo until I can get to making the quilt it's intended to be used for.  I consider "stash" to be the fabric that is left over when my quilt is done -- fabric you probably couldn't make an entire quilt out of, but it would certainly look great in something "scrappy." 

Does this make sense?  Am I wrong?  What do you think "stash" means?



  1. Stash is fabric that is not intended for a project OR is left over from a project OR was bought for a project that fell by the wayside. Stash is also -mainly- fabric that I bought just because it was pretty and i *needed* it.

  2. I agree with Gene....just extra fabric laying around not meant for a thing but "just because", now left over fabric from a project is scraps....

  3. My stash is a lot smaller if I use your definition. =) I just lump all my fabric together as stash. One reason is that no matter what I buy something for initially, it often winds up in something else! I also buy general things, such as Civil War repros, to go into the CW palette, and they get used somewhere along the line, but not for any particular quilt. So, for me, stash is everything I have!

  4. My defination of "stash" is material that you just have to have but don't have a project in mind at the time. I usually buy at least 3 yards of it. Right now I have a stash that is the size of a quilt store, lol. It has taken me years (6) to build up my stash, but I can go in my quilting studio and find what I need 90% of the time for any project that I happen to decide to work on. You have to decide how small or large you want your stash to be.


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