Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's Good to be Alive!

I'm baaack!!!  It feels so good to be among the living after eight miserable weeks!  Blick!  :p

What a relief it was to get all that quilty tension out of my system by working on some quilts again!  I worked on two different quilts today.  This first one is for my granddaughter, Cambria.  She turned three . . . in February!  :/  She told me she understands that her birthday present is late because I've been so sick.  Today on the phone she said that she can't wait to get her "blankie quilt!"  Too cute!!!  :o)  Unfortunately, I didn't get it finished -- it's all sandwiched and ready to quilt though!  Oh, and guess what?!?!?  I used this really cool spray adhesive instead of safety pins to make the sandwich!  It helped things go so much faster! Sweet stuff! 

I'm a little nervous about quilting this myself because it will only be the second one I've ever done!  Here's a little sneak peak until I get it quilted and can show you the whole thing (sorry the pictures are so terrible -- my cell phone camera will just have to do until we can get our camera replaced) . . .

What do you think?!?!?  Did you notice the minky?  I've never used it -- only felt it in stores as I walked by -- but I knew my granddaughter would just love cuddling up with it!  :o)

OK.  So the next quilt is for my grandson who is due to join our family any day now!!!  Woo-hoo!  I love being a grandma!!!  :o)  Anyway, it's actually not a quilt, it's a receiving blanket.  You can never have enough of those, right?!?!?  :o)  I have a little more to do on his, too, so I'm going to give you just a quick shot of what I'm doing with it . . .

Today was definitely an applique day for me!  So . . . can you tell what his name is going to be by the little hint the picture gave you???  When I get this finished I'll post a picture and then you'll be able to see what it is!  (Oh, the anticipation!)  :o)

What a great day today was!  *Sigh*  I hope yours was, too!!!  :o)



  1. By the way, thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions on how to get better and well wishes when I was sick! Quilty friends are the best friends a person can have! :o)

  2. Love the sneak peaks!! Can't wait to see what the finished quilts look like. With quilting start simple then build up to something more extravagant =D


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