Friday, March 9, 2012

Look What Came in the Mail!!!

I'm sorry I've been "missing in action" for a while.  I've been quite sick for . . . well, too long, but a couple of days ago my spirits were lifted up when my son brought in the mail.  Nope, I didn't get any bills that day, I got a special package!  You see, a little while ago I became a follower at Leona's Quilting Adventure because I loved her blog!  *** By the way, if you're not one of her followers you should be!  She has AWESOME posts and is VERY talented with her quilts!!!  You've just gotta go check her out!!! ***

Well I just happened to be her 1,000 follower!  Pretty cool, huh?!?!?  (I can't imagine having 1,000 followers!)  Anyway, I thought it was neat that she had reached such an awesome milestone in the blogging world and then I continued checking things out on her blog.  Well a couple of days later Leona sent me an e-mail where she told me that she wanted to send me a "little" something to thank me for being her 1,000 follower!  How awesome is that?!?!?  I was impressed and figured I'd be getting a pretty little fat quarter or something.  BOY, WAS I WRONG!!!  Look at what she sent me . . .

Look at all this cool "stuff" I got!  There's tons of beautiful fabric, an incredible quilting book that will really help me while I'm learning all the ins and outs of quilting, three spools of pretty thread, and a handout about thread so I can learn why it matters what kind of thread you use! 

Can you believe how generous Leona is?!?!?  I wish I could meet her in person and give her a big hug to thank her for being so kind!  I think I'll tell my doctor that the quickest way to feeling better is a healthy dose of quilty goodness!!!  :)

Thanks, Leona!!!  :)



  1. Julie--congratulations! What a pick-me-up in the mail. So, what else are you doing to take care of yourself?

    By the way, you are doing great to have so many followers so early in your blog. You have a lot to offer and it will grow to a good, healthy size soon.

  2. Leona is simply awesome. I have followed her for awhile now and thoroughly enjoy her blog.

  3. Congratulations on a wonderful gift from Leona.......I am also one of her followers.....She has a wonderful blog........please take care of yourself!

  4. Wow that must have been a lovely surprise after you were sick!! It's nice to get something unexpected. You're so lucky =D

  5. That was good timing when you were feeling so awful. What a great gift, and a nice person to send it.


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