Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Piggy Tales

I'm so excited to have this quilt done!  It was so fun to make!  It's also the first quilt I ever quilted all by myself on my sewing machine!  I don't think I did too bad for my first time?!?!?

It's called "Piggy Tales" from My Lazy Daisy and turned out to be the perfect size for a baby quilt!  (Or a teenage daughter who can't stop cuddling with it!!!)  :o)

This is the back of the quilt . . . all full of minky goodness!  Have any of you sewn with minky before?  I LOVE the feel of minky (I walk down the minky aisle at the fabric store just so I can run my hand along each bolt!), but sewing with it is a bit more tricky than sewing with cotton.  It just didn't "slide" around as I was trying to quilt a simple meandering pattern.  I probably definitely need more practice with quilting, but it was fun for me to see that I CAN ACTUALLY DO IT!!!  :o)

This is a close up shot of the flowers.  I love how they turned out when the quilt was washed!  The kit for "Piggy Tales" already had the flower circles cut out for me so that saved a LOT of time when I put this all together!

This was a quick, easy quilt to finish!  And, most of all, I think it turned out pretty cute!!!  :o)



  1. This quilt is just too cute!! I love your quilting too.

  2. very cute and good job on the quilting.... quilting on a domestic is harder than long arm quilting and especially minky, you did very well!!

  3. That is as cute as it could be. Congratulations on doing the quilting so nicely!

  4. Julie, your quilt is darling! I love minky backing, too. You did a lovely job on this.

    Have a lovely eve ~
    TTFN ~

  5. Oh, how cute is that?? Nice work on the quilting, and don't you just love the feel of a comfy, quilted/washed quilt... especially with minky - yumm!

  6. Not bad at all, I love how the flowers are 3D! Cute quilt!


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