Friday, June 29, 2012

big . . . Big . . . BIG . . . Changes to Operation Wood Hollow

You are all so FANTABULOUS (yes, that's a word)!!!  :o)
Operation Wood Hollow has had so many quilts donated to it!!!  :o)

So, here are the BIG changes . . .

First of all, we're going to need to change the name from Operation Wood Hollow to something else (any suggestions???) and here's why . . . Because Operation Wood Hollow has had so many quilts donated to it, my husband and I have decided that we are going to go REALLY BIG with this and help people who have lost their homes to other fires as well -- especially the Waldo Canyon fire (Colorado Springs) and the High Park fire (Ft. Collins) -- and try to give them some comfort by giving them a quilt full of love, too!  I'm obviously going to need a LOT of quilts to do this, but I think it will be well worth the effort to help someone who has lost everything!  As long as I have quilts to give, I'll be spending this summer driving to those who have been affected by all the different fires in the Western United States to show them that people (especially TOTALLY AWESOME QUILTERS!) really care about what they're going through!  :o)

'HIKIMOE' - 400.0 acres'BEAR CREEK #3' - 300.0 acres'BEAR CREEK #4' - 8793.0 acres'HILL' - 689.0 acres'PINTO' - 2800.0 acres'MORNING STAR' - 500.0 acres'NORTH SCHELL' - 12407.0 acres'NEW HARMONY' - 1000.0 acres'CLAY SPRINGS' - 12000.0 acres'WELTON' - 351.0 acres'ANTELOPE LANE' - 686.0 acres'CORRAL' - 1850.0 acres'PONY' - 6400.0 acres'WOOD HOLLOW' - 45313.0 acres'BEAR TRAP 2' - 14770.0 acres'POCO' - 11950.0 acres'SEELEY' - 15000.0 acres'CHURCH CAMP' - 5200.0 acres'FONTENELLE' - 17500.0 acres'COTTONWOOD' - 650.0 acres'INDEX CREEK' - 100.0 acres'DAHL' - 20000.0 acres'WHITEWATER-BALDY' - 297845.0 acres'PLUM CREEK' - 947.0 acres'WEBER' - 9168.0 acres'PINERIDGE' - 500.0 acres'HAWK CREEK' - 1500.0 acres'STATE LINE' - 350.0 acres'OTTER CREEK/UPPER BEE' - 4129.0 acres'LITTLE SAND' - 23400.0 acres'SAWMILL' - 104.0 acres'ASH CREEK' - 110000.0 acres'TREASURE' - 407.0 acres'RUSSELS CAMP' - 5466.0 acres'LITTLE BEAR' - 44330.0 acres'HIGH PARK' - 87284.0 acres'FLAGSTAFF' - 300.0 acres'CATO' - 25706.0 acres'WALDO CANYON' - 18500.0 acres'CROW PEAK' - 130.0 acres'DAKOTA' - 300.0 acres'SHELTERWOOD 149' - 685.0 acres'BLUE MONDAY II' - 105.0 acres'SYLVESTER' - 207.0 acres'GOFORTH' - 223.0 acres'POINT 2' - 181.0 acres'DAD' - 21331.0 acres

Large Incident: A wildfire of 100 acres or more occuring in timber,
or a wildfire of 300 acres or more occuring in grass/sage.
Wildland Fire: Any nonstructure fire, other than prescribed fire, that
occurs in the wildland
Wildland Fire - IMT1: Wildland fire; Type 1 Incident Management Team Assigned.
Wildland Fire - IMT2: Wildland fire; Type 2 Incident Management Team Assigned.

On this map, the red and blue dots are the fires that give me the most concern.  I just did some research (don't quote me on this!) and there have been approximately 656 homes burned so far!  So . . . if there are any of you out there that wanted to donate a quilt, but thought it wasn't needed any more, IT IS!!!  More than ever!!!

We are researching how to turn this idea into a non-profit organization so we can help people in this way every year, but we don't have time with this fire season to wait for that!  Will you help me by continuing to send in quilts while we get this officially set up??? 

Kayde Dexter wrote this on the My Lazy Daisy Blog:  "You have no idea how much that quilt will mean to them. My house burned four years ago, and while we sat there watching the firemen do their thing a good friend stopped by and gave me a little lap quilt. That quilt means the world to me and brought a lot of comfort in a time of need."

I am so grateful for each of you that have contributed to this cause!  I know the recipients of your kindness will be as well . . .



  1. I like your plan! This is like quilts for Japan!
    You have a wonderful heart! Good luck with all of this!
    Take care, Leslie

  2. Maybe something like the Phoenix Project (from the ashes...???) And I can sort of see a logo of a bird flying up carrying a quilt....But, I am not a graphic artist.

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  4. I was thinking about a name for you after we talked last night. I came up with 'Quilting (in) The Flames'. I thought along the same lines of Deanna with the logo too.

    I also announced this on Facebook this morning, linking back to your blog.

  5. Julie, I read about you on Nedra's blog (Cactus Needle Quilts) and left a comment there to say I would make up a quilt top and post it to her if the shipping from Australia isn't too horribly expensive. It is only one, but if lots of people do just one, they all add up. I am keen to donate, because I remember clearly how generous American quilters were just a few years ago when we suffered terrible losses here in Victoria from the worst bushfires on record here. As I said to Nedra, my heart aches for all you good people; Australians feel your pain.

  6. Me again, Julie. There is a lady here in country Victoria who has a blog called Oz Comfort Quilts. She has been making quilts and collecting them from other quilters, and donating them to needy people around Australia via the Salvation Army and other sources. She has helped people who have lost everything in floods, fire, and earthquakes. If you want to see how she manages it, go to

  7. You and your husband are amazing, Julie. Just barely back in your own home, and you are already concerned for everyone effected by the fires. Thank you for all that you are doing.

  8. Julie, this is Myra from, and I've posted about your Operation Wood Hollow on my blog. I posted again today about your vision of enlarging your project, and I had thought I'd write a little about what you're doing, but then I thought it would be better to just copy and paste your blog post into my blog, with full credit of where it came from. If you would rather I didn't do that, just let me know and I'll change it, but I just wanted to let you know and see what you think. : ) Let me know what you'd like me to do. Thanks!

  9. Julie, I would like to refer to your blog post some how on my blog I would like to enlist help for you all in Colorado. I am so thankful that you and your family did not suffer any loss, and I know God will bless you and your husband on this project. If I can, I will talk to my Bama Belles group about donating what we can. Is there a time limit on it? Tell me the best way to refer to your blog on mine.

  10. This has been so devastating to watch. There are so many people that want to help. We made quilts for Japan and for Joplin. I love thinking of quilters all over the world making these quilts. My thought is Hearts to Home. As the quilters are giving of their hearts to those who lost their homes. Keep it up and keep us posted.

  11. Whoop whoop, Julie!!! What an amazing vision you have!! I like the idea of both Quilting In The Flames, and The Phoenix Project - good names both! I especially like the idea of using the phoenix as a logo, since we all know from Harry Potter that phoenix tears have healing properties.... ;-) I'll be emailing you directly with a couple of questions/suggestions. Hugs!!

  12. What an amazing thing you are doing! Do you have some specifics on types of quilt tops you want/need? For example, size, type, completed, etc. I was sent over here by Happy Quilting :) Would love to help.

  13. This is an amazing plan. There are so many broken hearts in need of comfort and a quilt seems like the sweetest thing to deliver. :0) I really want to help. Please send your mailing address to me. Sincerely. Trish xo

  14. Brilliant idea.

    I have a box packed and ready to mail....just have to get past a stupid summer cold to make it to the post office.

    "The Phoenix Project" sounds like a great name.

  15. I would love to donate some of my finished quilts I have done. Just send me the mailing info and they will be on their way!

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  17. Julie - I can't remember where I read about Operation Wood Hollow first, but I've read it on several blogs. My daughter lives in Spanish Fork and says the ash is falling in her back yard, so this is hitting "close to home" if you know what I mean.

    I have two finished quilts available to send and two WIP's I'm going to try to get finished before you are ready to deliver them. I love all the names suggested for your wonderful effort, but especially "The Phoenix Project" - as someone mentioned, phoenix tears have healing properties. Certainly this is one way to help folks rise from the ashes.

    Thanks so much for coordinating this. I'm off to the sewing machine to work on the WIP's. Please send me the mailing info. Or, I'll be in Spanish Fork, Utah in mid-July and could maybe deliver them in person, and help a bit if you need it. Just let me know

    PS: I have a post about Operation Wood Hollow on my blog too -

  18. I have a few tops that are done but not quilted. One or two have backing fabric. Would you take these or do I need to have them totally finished? That may take a while as I don't have the money right now to have them quilted.

    1. Where are you located? I live in northern Utah and can quilt them for you free of charge.
      thequiltingmill at yahoo dot com

  19. I finished a quilt last night that I would like to send your way. I have two more tops that I'll try to finish up and send along as well. Thanks for organizing this.

  20. Way to take a good idea and make it great! Thanks for all you are doing and planning to do. I've gotten several friends involved, and I'll see how much further I can spread the word. I will be in my sewing room later this week and snag out some blocks for you. I wish I had more time right now, and my quilting machine which is long gone. Girls camp is in a week, and I'll be gone for that, but I have a feeling you are going to need quilts for quite a while. I will see if I can get a top made later this month, too, but I'll send blocks before then.

    dezertsuz at gmail also

  21. How about "Operation Phoenix" or "The Phoenix Project" - out of the ashes and all that. Send me your snailmail and I'll get something out to you. If you have a deadline that might help the too-many-irons folks like me to get 'er done!

  22. These fires are certainly hitting close to home! I have a quilt I could send on to you for this.

  23. I'm an aspiring longarmer (using a shortarm on a frame right now) and I can help finish a few tops. I have a small frame and can fit up to 85 inches wide, so no queen size, but anything smaller I can do. I posted a link to your site on facebook and one of my friends has shared so far. This is so devastating, this feels like something I can do to actually make a difference, however small. I live in northern Utah--anyone local who needs help quilting a WIP for this can contact me at thequiltingmill at yahoo dot com.

  24. Hello Julie, What a great project. Can you email me the address ( Judith, Texas

  25. Hi Julie,I have some tops,a couple finished quilts,and also some blocks to send along. So can you also send me the address? ( Thanks,and God Bless you :)

  26. Great job! Could you please send me the address. My friends and I have several quilts to send. Thanks!


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