Saturday, July 28, 2012

Things are CRAZY AWESOME around here!

WOW!!! What an exciting week it's been! I first want to send out a HUGE thank you to my INCREDIBLE husband, Todd, for surprising me and taking me to Park City, Utah, for a couple of days! It was so nice to get away, just the two of us!

Well . . . we did find a friend to hang out with for a minute or two! =D

This is Main Street in Park City. It's definitely not as busy in the summer as it is in the winter, which was really nice for us! On Main Street they have lots of cool shops (pretty expensive, though!), but the thing we love the most are the art galleries! We spent our time in the ones that have the most fabulous photography! Such amazing talent! Obviously, I'll never have any of my photos in a gallery! Especially with my silly camera phone pictures! :/

I liked this sign's message! I didn't even notice what kind of store it is, but the sign made me smile! Isn't that what life is all about? Actually "Livin' Life" instead of just sitting on the sidelines and watching it pass us by! Love it! =D

OK . . . now for the other part of my week. You're not going to believe this!

Last Saturday (July 21), I spoke at the Salt Lake/Ogden Longarm Quilt Guild to tell them about Phoenix Quilts and to ask for their help in quilting some of the quilt tops I've been receiving. I had no idea what to expect -- how many of the tops they would help with -- but they took ALL 60 OF THEM!!! I couldn't believe it!!! =D I really shouldn't have been surprised, though . . . I've found that quilters are the most generous people I've ever been associated with!!! Thank you so much!!!

After the meeting, my new BQFF (Best Quilty Friend Forever), Barbie Mills, and I went out to her car because she had something she wanted to show me . . .

You see, Barbie contacted me a couple of weeks ago about wanting to help with Phoenix Quilts. She told me she would arrange to have me speak at the Salt Lake/Ogden Longarm Quilt Guild. Then she suggested getting in touch with Riley Blake Designs in Salt Lake City, to see if they would donate any fabric to Phoenix Quilts. I forced her to I asked if she would call them, and she quickly said, "Yes"! She also offered to contact Winline Textiles to see if they would be willing to donate any batting. What they each donated was what she wanted to show me in her car . . .

There was HUNDREDS of yards of fabric in there that Riley Blake Designs donated and a 30 yard roll of batting that Winline Textiles donated!!! =D TOTALLY UNBELIEVABLE!!!

This is me -- after doing the happy dance and stuffing everything into my car -- giving a great BIG shout out to Riley Blake Designs and Winline Textiles to thank them for being soooooo generous!!! THANK YOU!!!

You ought to go over to Barbie's blog, The Quilting Mill, and you can read more details about the part she played in making this exciting day happen! You need to check out how creative this gal is! Everything she touches turns out amazing! While you're there, become a follower, enter your e-mail to receive her blog posts (you won't regret it!) and give her some comment love thanking her for all she's done for me and Phoenix Quilts!

I'm still receiving several boxes everyday with all of the beautiful quilts, quilt tops, and blocks (fabric and money donations, too!) you have made for Phoenix Quilts! THANK YOU for all you're doing to help!!! We still need a LOT of quits to reach our goal of 849 quilts (so far), but I just know WE WILL DO IT!!! =D Our next delivery of quilts will be to Pocatello, Idaho, on August 10th! I'm so excited!!! =D


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  1. Julie, I wish I had known but still will make the offer. We have over 4,000 vintage feedsacks fabrics. We do donate some to projects for these kinds of efforts for quilters to create with. Applause to all who are involved in this project.
    email ~

    Have a great weekend ~
    TTFN ~


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