Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Days

Sometimes "life" gets in the way when you've got other plans . . .

Wednesday - Went to Provo and Orem to pick up quilts and fabric for Phoenix Quilts from three different people!  So generous!!!  Entered things into Phoenix Quilts database for a while . . .

Thursday - Spent the day at the hospital with my daughter who has a terribly painful kidney infection.  So, so sad.  :(  Drove to Nephi to pick up 30 quilts being donated to Phoenix Quilts by My Lazy Daisy!  Stayed up until 2:30 a.m. trying to get caught up on Phoenix Quilts stuff.  Went to bed before I finished . . . :/

Friday - Got paged out for an ambulance run at 6:00 a.m. (I'm a volunteer EMT).  Tried to get caught up on taking pictures of quilts received for Phoenix Quilts (got about 1/2 way done before I got too hot and tired - what a wimp).  Made final plans for delivering quilts in Pocatello, Idaho, next Friday (August 10)!  Three grandkids came to visit for the weekend (ages 3, 2, and 5 months) while their parents go to Colorado for a little get-away trip!  Took some pictures for KSL to add to the story they're writing about Phoenix Quilts (it will be on on Sunday afternoon).  Tried to stay on top of the pain and nausea my daughter is experiencing.  She's still so sick . . . :(

Saturday - Go to the 1/2 marathon, 10K, and 5K races (as an EMT, not runner!) up Fairview Canyon.  Played/changed diapers/chased/had a picnic/changed more diapers/laughed with grandkids until their bedtime!  Answered a few e-mails about Phoenix Quilts.  Daughter's kidney pain is spreading to her tummy now.  The doctor called tonight to check on her - we'll see how she is tomorrow to decide what direction we should go with this infection.  Wrote a post to update blog!  Too tired to upload quilt pictures.  :/  Started a load of dishes and clothes.  Too tired to do any more cleaning even though house is a mess.  Maybe another day . . . ??? :/

Feeling a little blah right now . . . Sorry about this lame post . . . I just needed someone to talk to . . .  :/


  1. Hang in there. The next thing the universe throws your way, duck.......let it go to someone else for awhile. But, don't let it come my way, I have been catching it all for over a month, and am finally enjoying the break.

    As for the housework, who cares, it will still be there tomorrow, or next week, or even a month from now if it takes you that long to get to it. You could also hire a maid service, they really aren't that expensive to come in and just fix it all for you.

    Remember to take care of yourself first, so you can take care of everyone else.

    Also Google all your daughters symptoms to make sure the Docs are doing all they can. I saved my husband a year and a half ago when he wasn't get any better, just worse. If it wasn't for me having him get 2 more blood tests, he would never have found out he had colon cancer and needed surgery ASAP. So do your homework, just because they have the title Doc, doesn't mean they always know what they are doing. Yes we have a new Doc now after the last one almost killed him. I hope she gets better really soon.

  2. Every once in awhile, especially when you do so much for others as you do Julie, you need to step away for just a bit and do something to take care of you. Maybe just a quiet 30 minute nap or a walk in a park with no distractions. Turn off the phone, lock the door, put your feet up and treat yourself with something special. Worrying doesn't make things happen any faster and we don't need you sick too! Let go and let God.

  3. We'll be praying for you. In the midst of caring for everyone else, please don't forget to take care of Julie a little, too.

  4. So sorry to hear about your daughter. Hope the doctors will do all they can to get her well again. As the former comments said, don't forget yourself in this. All your help to others can wait untill you are coping with your own life. Nobody will benefit if you get ill as well. Take care, and thanks for following my blog.

  5. :0) i understand....and it will get better. Sometimes even a good thing can be a bit overwhelming.

  6. So sorry to hear about your daughter, that sounds just terrible. I hope she gets feeling better quickly.

    You are doing such wonderful things, I'm glad there are people in the world like you.

    It's okay to be tired. You're amazing.


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