Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Victims Need Our Help!

Hurricane Sandy Victims Need Our Help!

I have about 200 quilts that were donated to Phoenix Quilts that I was going to use for the 2013 wildfire season. But hearing about the thousands of people who are still without power and are freezing cold, I've decided to donate the remaining quilts to the victims of Hurricane Sandy.
I need your help, though. I can't afford to ship all of these quilts by myself, so I'm asking . . . would you be willing to make a monetary donation to help me get these quilts out of my basement and wrapped around those who need it now? There is a link on the right-side bar that enables you to donate easily with PayPal. Will you please help me help those who have such a great need???
Thank you so much for your generosity!


  1. Hi Julie, I sent you a donation I hope it will help some. Blessing from a friend in Canada Sandra

  2. Julie, will not the American Red Cross not take them and deliver to NY state?
    or what major industry do you have near you, maybe they would send for you as a charitable expense...
    Good luck, Leslie

  3. I sent a donation Julie, I wish it could be more.


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