Saturday, December 15, 2012

Quilts for Connecticut

Like everyone else, my heart was torn in half upon hearing of the news of the school shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut.  I have five children and three grandchildren and I just can't wrap my mind around this whole thing.  Of course, my mind immediately turned to quilts and how I would love to give one to each family who lost a child or loved one in this unbelievable tragedy.  Then I thought of all the children who were affected, just because they went to school.  So I did some research . . .

There are almost 700 children and 39 teachers at Sandy Hook.  I began to wonder, is it possible to have that many quilts donated, when everyone is so busy with the holidays, so we could give one to everyone???  I never would have thought that giving quilts to wildfire victims and then 325 to Hurricane Sandy victims was possible, but we did it! 

What do you think???  Can we do this???  I don't know how else to bring a little bit of comfort to the friends and families involved, but I just have to do something . . .


  1. maybe an easy angel block?
    maybe after Christmas?
    take care, Leslie

  2. I am still having a horrible time with this myself. I had the news on all day long yesterday and finally last night had to turn it off because I could not watch any more. Sadly none of those affected can just 'turn it off'. There will be SO many young children that this will cause them to have help with this for years to come. It is just so sad to think about the innocence of a child and how these children have been given a horribly huge sense of reality that no young child should have to see or have to deal with.

    If you get this going I'd like to make one suggestion for you to consider. Those first responders and all emergency personnel have had to deal with something that none of them ever considered they would have to in thier jobs. It would be great to see those people put onto a list also. Just a thought.

  3. Count me in. I have 36 star blocks on white, they measure 12 1/2 inches I think. I was planning on a quilt for me, but you are welcome to them if you can use them.

  4. I'm in!!! Maybe we could email as many online quilting friends as we all know each do a blog post instagram twitter Facebook and see if we can get help? Maybe we could talk to some ppl and do like a bee type deal where everyone makes some blocks an then certain ppl make it a quilt? Email me
    I will help in ANY possible way that I can!!!!!!!!

  5. I think the giant star quilt is a great way to go. It is very easy to piece two at a time!


    There is somebody else doing this also. I was trying to do this as well and when I found her today. As soon as i found her, I called her up. She is super sweet and is local to CT. I decided to join forces with her. Perhaps we can all do that. This is going to be a huge project. The link above takes you the radio page that posted this for her and it lists her name and phone#.


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