Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hailey's Baby Quilt

One of my best friend's daughter is due to have a baby in a couple of weeks and I wanted to make something for her that I hadn't tried before.  I'm not sure what it's called . . . something like "No Binding Quilt" or . . . well I don't know what it's called.  Some of my quilting friends taught me how to make it this past weekend.  I'll just call it "Hailey's Baby Quilt."  :o)

This quilt was soooo easy to make!  I used the most awesome flannel so it's extra soft, too!

I wanted to add a little something to the front so I just appliqued this flower with a blanket stitch.  I think it adds a nice touch!  :o)

You just make the center whatever size you want for the front (mine is about 34" x 34") and then add 10" to that for the backing (so mine is 44" x 44").  I chose to do a simple patchwork front.  One of my friends said when she's been in a rush she just uses a panel for the front!  It's cool because the way you make it gives you nice mitered corners when you're done!

It's weird - the back doesn't have any seams and "folds" around to the front to make the border!  There's a special way you sew it - instead of edge to edge, you sew from the middle out!  Maybe someday I'll try and make a tutorial so you can see how easy it really is!  Or maybe you already know how to make these and it's just new to me!  :o)

This is Hailey holding the quilt.  I actually forgot to take pictures so she saved the day and sent me some!  Thanks, Hailey!

I think I'll make up some of these quilts in pink and blue colors to just have around for the next baby shower!  So much fun!!!  :o)



  1. I'd love to see how you do that - it's late and my mind is wrapping around it so well. But it is an adorable quilt - one lucky baby, that's for sure!

  2. I'd like to see that tutorial, too, when you feel like it. The quilt is as cute as can be, and I love the flower.

  3. Adorable baby blanket Julie! I actually made a flannel one for me to use when I's always too cold on the plane, I know it's 'clean' and it takes up very little room in my carry-on. Not only great for babies, but 'big people' as well!! TFS


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