Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tutorials for "Hailey's Baby Quilt"

So it looks like I won't have to make a tutorial after all!  *Whew!!!*  These are some links I found while wandering around the World Wide Web tonight for instructions on how to make "Hailey's Baby Quilt."  Funny thing though . . . they weren't listed under "Hailey's Baby Quilt!"  Go figure!!!  :o)

Piece N Quilt

Apostrophy Designs

Everyday Mom

One thing I want to add (Everyday Mom kind of mentioned it with her X) is you need something to attach the front to the back since the quilt isn't quilted or tied.  Otherwise, when the quilt is washed it will be all skee-wompus!  That's why I added the appliqued flower and stitching in the white border on Hailey's quilt.  I also did an 1/8" top-stitch around the outside of the quilt to help keep things where they belong!  :o)


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