Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cambria's Easter Skirt . . . LOL

I know it's way past Easter, but I thought you could all use a good laugh today, so I'm going to show you the Easter skirt I made my granddaughter, Cambria.  I originally posted about the fabric and pattern here.

Well here is the skirt.  Isn't it cute???  I really like how it turned out, especially since I've never sewn clothes before!!!

I love the colors and prints in this fabric!  Just perfect for this little skirt!  Well now let me show you something that isn't so perfect . . .

Look how big this "little" skirt turned out to be!  LOL!!!  :o)  I was trying to make this a surprise for my granddaughter and daughter so I just guessed what the waist and length should be!!!  I was the one who was surprised when she put it on!  It's a couple of inches too big around the waist and, obviously, several inches too long!  Ha!!!  :o)  We all cracked up when she put it on and we saw how big it was!!!  :o)  She had fun parading around showing it off and making us laugh!  Great memories!!!

I guess the positive side to all of this is I won't have to make her an Easter skirt in two or three or four years!  See . . . I didn't mess up . . . I'm just really prepared!  :o)



  1. You are too funny! It is a cute skirt though and she will be darling in it when it fits.

  2. Gosh that is too funny! I'm sure she'll grow into it =D


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