Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Cutting Table

Look what Todd made me for my sewing room quilting studio . . .

He took an old dresser that we don't use any more and put a nice big piece of laminated wood on top of it and then put it on a pedestal so it would be the perfect height for a cutting table!  It also has drawers that I'm going to store some of my quilty stuff in! 

Up until now I've been cutting everything by sitting on the floor with my cutting mat, rotary cutter and fabric.  Now I won't get a sore back from leaning over while cutting!  LOVE IT!!!

What a great husband I have!!!  Thanks, Todd!!!  :o)



  1. how about having him talk to my hubby about sewing tables

  2. Julie, Todd is a gem!! It is lovely & I know you will enjoy this.
    Have a beautiful weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  3. It looks great! And the drawer storage space too, even better =D

  4. Julie, you must be in heaven! I found a computer table that I repurposed into a sewing table.......well it was going to be a cutting table but I just loved the "thread" drawer in the front complete with little bobbin nooks.......ok yes, I guess originally the drawer was a computer disk drawer and the bobbin nook was a pencil compartment......but "we" quilters know it was just a sewing table in disguise!

  5. That is so beautiful! Way to go for you....sounds like you have a great guy!

  6. Oh I'm so jealous! My sweetie just made me a new table and its not nearly as nice as that! Lucky girl!


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