Sunday, June 24, 2012

I need Quilts!!!

I just got asked if some evacuees could come to my house to stay tonight!  Of course they can!!!  FINALLY!!!  I can help in some small way!!!  I just wish I had spare quilts to give them to sleep with tonight and then keep to comfort them through all of this and after!  I wish I had a lot of spare cots!  I wonder how many people will come to my house to sleep?  What should I cook them for dinner?  I only have one spare bedroom and LOTS of floor space!  How can I make people comfortable on the floor to sleep?  I wish I was more prepared for this!  :/


  1. Call any quilt guilds around you - they'll have a source for sure!

  2. The local quilt stores might have some to donate or know who you can call! Bless your heart!

  3. Hi! It will all be ok! don't forget, they are evacuees! They have lost most things, and just came from a centre, so a bed that is not in a room with 500 people, some privacy, a comforting home and any food that is not frozen, will go a long way!
    Ok, Deep Breath, on to Hardware store for some blow up beds or air mattresses!
    It will all work out! Take care, Leslie

  4. Try and find meals you can cook large quantities off without the ingredients being too expensive, maybe things like pasta, chilli, rice, pizza (homemade) stew, curries, potatoes.
    See what duvets and things you have they can sleep on, any spare pillows, try asking family members if they can lend you a few pillows and duvets =D


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